Wireless Enablement & Location Based Services

HSIA solution and deployment for Hotels

Eminet is an approved HSIA and IT provider for the following group of company:

  • Accor
  • Frasers
  • IHG
  • Millennium & Copthorne Group

We are one of Singapore’s leading wireless HSIA systems for Hotels, providing full spectrum of wireless deployment for hotels from hotel conceptualization, construction and operations. To date, we have deployed more than 4000 wireless access points to hotels in South East Asia.

High Density, large wireless deployment
Optimally designed for lecture halls, convention centres, stadiums, airports, where high human traffic and density requires latest 802.11ac Wave 2 deployment for many users connecting to one wireless access point

Wireless Design

Planning and design
Wireless and wired architecture
Coverage and site surveys
Deployment (AP selection, channel selection, configuration, secure access with authentication and BYOD, high availability)
Complete lifecycle management solution with 24×7 realtimemonitoring and dashboard

Location-based services are being deployed in the following locations: 

Malls and Retail Shops
Convention Halls
MRT Stations
Tourist Attraction Places

The system helps collect data for analytics, marketing and enhance shopper experience and enable owners to make fast and informed decisions to target and attract their customers into making purchases.

Wireless Access Points and Sensors

Beacons/Sensors leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and wayfinding, proximity-aware push notifications, and other location-based mobile engagement services for enterprise venues.

Small, low-power wireless transmitters, Beacons/Sensors broadcast radio signals at regular intervals that can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android devices. With the combination of wireless access points, you can remotely manage battery-powered Beacons/Sensors


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