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In today’s world where organizations are gearing towards digital transformation and technology is constantly changing, IT departments are facing multiple challenges to adapt. For instance, IT personnel may lack certain skills to manage cloud services which are gaining in popularity or the rise in cybersecurity threats where patches are not pushed out when available.

At Eminet, we are a Managed Service Provider and can be an extension to your IT department where we are able to provide multiple services to keep your department running efficiently and assist in attending day-to-day requests. With EmSupport, our team of certified IT engineer will proactively monitor and support user’s endpoint devices in the background thus helping you to reduce cost, downtime and increase efficiency of the company. EmSupport will be able to deliver a robust security feature to protect against external threats and help to backup important files into the cloud storage & recover them quickly with minimal downtime.

EmSupport Deployment

Suitable for all environments with internet access

Key Feature Highlights

▪ Monitoring – Enables Eminet Support team to monitor devices to know what’s going on through notification of alerts and automated responses to reduce downtime

▪ Management – Enables Eminet Support team to keep devices secure with the latest patch updated, optimized through proactive, centralized and policy-based device management

▪ Remote Support – Enables Eminet Support team to connect remotely to any customer’s devices seamlessly at any location for troubleshooting and assistance with minimal disturbance.

▪ Patch Management – Automatic control and deployment of patches available to keep IT equipment secure against known vulnerabilities

▪ Reporting – Providing scheduled reporting to customers that contains insights to devices, health and activity

▪ Ransomware Detection & Isolation – Monitors for ransomware using behavioral analysis of files, and sends out an automated alert when a device is infected

▪ Endpoint Protection – Helps to detect malicious cybersecurity threats and protect the IT networks including servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices via a strong integration with Webroot Endpoint Protection

▪ Email Protection – A comprehensive email protection with artificial intelligence capabilities to help organizations defend against external email threats such as bulk spams, virus, malware, phishing, spoofing and more

▪ Backup & Recovery – Includes a continuous file and folder backup to protect important business documents against external threats such as hardware failure, cybersecurity, human error and lost or stolen devices. Backup includes critical Microsoft 365 files such as Microsoft Exchange, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and a range of Google Workspace files such as Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar and Contacts.




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