EmCloudVoice by EmiNET

Introducing EmCloudVoice, a cloud PBX platform where users enjoy great call experience and able to make calls from devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones. With connection to the Linkus App, calls can be made virtually anywhere thus providing great geographical flexibility for users and ensuring that businesses can communicate in a more efficient manner.

EmCloudVoice Deployment

All SMB and Enterprise business sectors from 5 users to more than 500 users

Key Feature Highlights

▪ Cost Savings – Reduces upfront investments on equipment and regular occurring maintenance cost. Cloud phone system works on per-user basis so that businesses can scale up when needed just buy purchasing additional licenses

▪ Minimum Maintenance & Administrative Requirements – Cloud phone system is centrally managed by phone service providers, thus requiring little technical expertise to set up and configure the system. Administration of the cloud phone system is simplified as long as it is connected to the internet, which is useful for companies with offices at different locations.

▪ Mobility & Geographical Flexibility – High flexibility as headquarters, branch offices and employees can be unified via the cloud phone system and enjoy the same features and continuity. With an internet connection, remote workers are easily connected to the cloud phone system and can be used at any geographical location.

▪ Stay Connected Anywhere with free Linkus App – By being connected to the Linkus app via Windows / MAC / iOS / Android, you can effectively make real-time conversations across multiple devices and users have instant access to their business phone system to manage & control calls responsively. Instant chat features are also available in the Linkus App as an alternative communication.

▪ Unified Communications – Designed for Windows / Mac desktops, iPhone and Android phones, it transforms your desktops and mobile phones into a fully-featured office extensions providing convenient call experience, and offer collaboration features such as instant messaging, CRM integration.


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