service_icons_02SAP Business One

  • Cannot receive/view realtime business performance, sales/revenues to the minute?
  • Cannot show inventory status to sales, website?
  • My CRM and Accounting does not talk
  • My stock status cannot tally with accounting
  • Tedious and manual accounting process, bank reconciliation?
  • I cannot track my goods delivery status and updates
  • My accounting cannot drill down to where the problem is
  • I cannot view reports online using my Smartphone/Tablet
  • Spend way too much time, and workload increase, need to hiring fulltime and temp staff to process orders and data entry in accounting
  • No qualified and experience consultant to guide me in
    • Integrate all functions, Sales, Procurement, Inventory/Warehouse, Delivery, Implementation, CRM, Cloud and Backup, staff onsite and remote access, IT Integration
    • ERP Workflow and processes
    • Setting up and guiding us to use the system
    • Assist and guide us in documentation for government funding/grants

Introducing SAP Business One with
Accounting and Financial Management
Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse and Production Management
Purchasing and Procurement
Reporting and Analytics
Integration Solutions

  • Eminet has a dedicated and experience team of Accounting, IT, Business Transformation consultants to guide and assist small and mid-size companies in all sectors for the full implementation of ERP solutions, which include
  • Detail User Requirement
  • Define and re-engineer workflow and processes
  • Offline and Online integration
  • Migration to one system, one database
  • IT infrastructure and system support and integration
  • Bottom to top realtime input and access to data with one integrated console
  • Application for Government funding and grants
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