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Hotel-In-A Box is a SIP Server software application that combines and integrates communication (PABX) and hotel features of PMS Interface, Call Accounting/Hot billing, Auto Wakeup Call, Room Status Update, MiniBar Update, Guest Service Optimization Module, and Call Centre with One Single Console for Front Office/Operator.

It replaces the IP PABX, and middleware PMS Interface and other intra-hotel communication tools between staff/departments, and communication tool with guests. It is one single integrated internal and external voice communication platform based on SIP, which is open protocol.

Benefits to hotel

  • Significant reduction of  voice communication & IDD cost (which is cost centre)
  • Significant capital expenditure reduction compares with PABX
  • SIP based, standard open protocol
  • Certified interfaced to Oracle OPERA
  • Fraction of cost compared to other PMS Interface, Call Accounting, Software, Auto-Wakeup Call, Voicemail, MiniBar Module, Room Status Module, Guest Support Module
  • Software based with 7×24 support, increasing uptime and reliability

Hotel-In-A-Box System Architecture


HOTEL-IN-A-BOX Software Switching Platform

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX provides SIP voice and video switching function. It also can integrate with the third party IP PBX to reach voice communication function.

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX supports various communication protocols, including SIP, H.323, IAX2 and Google Talk. It can be easily integrating with other open source PBX.  HOTEL-IN-A-BOX supports many advanced SIP features, such as presence/BLF/SLA, TCP TLS and SRTP.  It can also be used as the transparent proxy such as the Session Border Controller (SBC).

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX can provide routing and interconnect communication protocol for audio, video, text, or any other form of media.

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX PMSi Billing Middleware

  FEATURES Descriptions
1  Bill to guest’s bill Capture, record, post to PMS different types of call charges  (local, trunk, IDD, DDD, 800 free etc)
2 Mini bar consumption book-keeping and Room Status auto updates Updates of Mini-bar consumption and Room Status (Unclean, Occupied, Clean, Vacant) via the telephones
3 Phone Class Of Service updates During the check-in and check-out at reception, the system automatically update the guest room telephone’s Class-Of-Service requirement
4 Message Lamp Message Lamp ON with new voice massage, and OFF when voice message is heard


5 Guest Name Update Guest Names automatically provided by Oracle OPERA via the PMS Interface, and shown in the telephone display
6 Data exchange Auto data synchronization between Hotel-In-A-Box and Oracle OPERA
7 Daily, Monthly comprehensive report Reports generated based on extension, room no, on call accounting, wakeup call timing, etc
8 No response timeout alarm Sound and image alarm for failed interface to Oracle OPERA, report on Timeout Start and End Time
9 Data Monitor All data to PMSI and from PMSI,  can be observed on the screen
10 Mini Bar List The detailed minibar list is stored in the system
11 Online data maintenance When the PMSI operates in the background, users can call the system maintenance files to modify all the parameters (such as: system data printing, real state, language code, rate table, guest name, telephone additional fee, service fee, tax and manual switching costs etc.)
12 Dynamic log All transaction processing is stored in a file, for future reference
13 Room Status Update When transferring a guest room, the relative information is change also such as: voice mail, message,  wakeup call
14 Manual data input Allow the user to manually input data to each interface system
15 Telephone bill printing Printing a phone bill, mini bar consumption account, print the previous bill and editable bill format
16 Help screen Users can visit the help page for explanations all the functions of the system
17 Telephone fee calculation When necessary, system can re-edit the bill format, the hotel could control the call charges
18 MULTI -INTERFACE System can connect to many systems such as: front office system, voice mail systems, voice recognition systems, fax mail system, maintenance system, service system and internal paging system

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX VMS Voice Mail System

When a guest check-in, HOTEL-IN-A-BOX VMS voice mail system will automatically assigned a special voice mail for him/her, for the usage during their stay. This box provides private, confidential message environment for the guests. The guest can listen to the entire voice message through the room’s phone when he is in. When the guest checks out, the guest voice mailbox will be automatically removed, and all non- answered voice messages will be transferred to the temporary storage space for a configurable period.

Voice mail system can support multiple languages, and the system can be set to guest’s mother language to provide guests the “feel at home” service.

1 Personalized greeting Guests can make a personalized greeting. When the phone is busy or no answer, the caller will hear this greeting
2 Easy operation to record a message Simple voice prompts. If the caller uses the non-touch telephone, the call be transferred to the hotel operator who will assist the caller to leave message
3 Automatic control on the message light When a new message is left in the mailbox for that room, VMS will ON the message light on the room phone, and OFF the message light after the message is heard/played
4 No password required when listening to messages in room VMS detects the room which the telephone is in, and plays the voice message to guest when accessed without the need to enter the password
5 Listening to voice messages outside of guest room Guests can at any time listen to the voice message, even if they are outside the hotel. Password is required to access voicemail from Outside the guest room
6 Operator assistance If guest encounters difficulties, they may choose to let the operator to assist in listening to the messages
7 User define message length The hotel can assign the message length (in seconds or minutes) for each guest and staff
8 Record voice memos This is the management and staff function. Staff can record a voice memo and send to one or multiple voice mailboxes
9 Forward message to another one This is the management and staff function. After listening to the voice message, the message can be forwarded to one or more other voice mailboxes

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX VAS Voice Application System

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX VAS system offers self-setting request through the room phone to improve the service level of the hotel. The system includes automatic wake-up, minibar billing and room state update modules.

Automatic wake-up subsystem (AWU) sets the wake up time through guest room telephone.  Minibar billing system (MNB) enable housekeeping to input to mini bar consumption into the guest room bill through the room phone. The Room sSatus Update system (RSU) enables housekeeping to update PMS room status via the guest room telephone.

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX GSO Guest service optimization system

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX GSO is a one-stop service center with a set of optimized and simplified guest service tasks, integrated with One-Attendant to automate and improve communication and productivity in responding to guest requests.

GSO is a guest service dispatching and monitoring system with following features

  • Multiple user rights management
  • Multi language interface, language switch at any time, support multi language input
  • Distribution and management of internal service request tasks to hotel staff to support customer service
  • Guest information query, such as name/ languages /VIP grade, check-in / check-out time
  • Distribution of service task by the Department
  • Set performance indicators, like standard completion time
  • Measure results against set performance indicators
  • Distribution of  multiple service task to different service personnel for the same customers with different demand
  • Reassign the distributed service task
  • Send service task to individual or group
  • Real-time tracking query on all service tasks and display the task status in different colours
  • Tracking missed calls from guests
  • Service completion status displayed on the screen to remind the personnel to take corresponding measures, such as telephone confirmation when the task is completed
  • Multiple reply to multiple parties once task completed
  • Support customized  service task format
  • Service center support the wakeup call, DND, phone authority update
  • Support establish a nested service task when a task is completed to assigned another task automatically
  • Automatic escalation to senior management when a task is not completed in the defined time.
  • Extended completion time in special circumstances
  • Supervision module: when distributing a certain task, the task is sent to the supervisor at the same time
  • Support intelligent tasks distribution which selects the most appropriate service personnel automatically according to the personnel location and time
  • Support fuzzy query according to the service code, keyword, service and task distribution frequency
  • Support the login and logout by the service personnel’s handheld terminals, which shows on duty or not
  • Support the automatic task distribution according to guest information such as the VIP Code/Special Code to inform the staff the guest luggage number, guest information update, room switch etc
  • Support the customized information template for group task or notification information release
  • Support the integration of IP telephone system to provide the guest self-help service
  • Support real-time query and distributed service task in mobile devices
  • Support 3rd party message interface
  • Support the room control system interface such as the room cleaning, do not disturb, door open, t timeout events
  • Support engineering module and HES project management system

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX One-Attendant

HOTEL-IN-A-BOX One-Attendant is the front-end soft console of the HOTEL-IN-A-BOX system, for front office staff, operator/attendant in service their guest through telephones for daily call answering, forwarding, three party call, wakeup call, task dispatch, DND setting, team management functions etc.



  • H.D Video Call
  • A-number
  • Busy/Free mode
  • 3 party conference
  • Call monitoring
  • Silence
  • Call Recording
  • Call / Return
  • Call Answer
  • Call forward
  • Call start/hung up
  • Phone book / black List
  • Call history / straight selection station
  • Dial / shortcut mapping Call queue


Hotel Functions

  • Guest Info Modify
  • Phone authority update
  • DND
  • Text  massage send
  • Wake up call
  • Message lamp control
  • One key notification
  • Customer service module
  • Engineer Module
  • Room control module
  • Content distribution management


Other Functions

  • Weather forecast
  • Map service
  • Notice board
  • Knowledge based Info
  • Memo
  • Calculator
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