Gold Partners


We are proud to announce that we are certified Gold Partner in the Huawei Enterprise Channel Partner Program. Together with Huawei, we have completed multiple projects in various industries such as installing over 600 WiFi 6 access point equipments, 10000 datapoints and 15000 wireless users. We have a team of certified engineers and pre-sales to manage all projects pertaining to Huawei.


Over the years, Eminet has embarked on numerous projects with Aruba where we have installed Full Integrated Solution (Wired, Wireless (WiFi 6), Network Access Control and Cloud products) to clients. We are proud to attain Gold certification and will continue to maintain the status together with our team of certified engineers and pre-sales.

Cisco Meraki

Together with our partner Cisco Meraki, we have successfully installed & deployed across client multiple site projects in South East Asia using Cisco Meraki cloud platform. We are equipped with a strong in-house team to deliver & support clients with their projects locally & regionally and proud to be certified Gold partner in 2018.


We have experience in installing & deploying Sophos products spread across client multi-site branches in Singapore by providing the ultimate network security without the complexity of multi-point solution. We are proud to be certified Sophos Gold Partner for successive years and you can place your trust in us as we continue to install enterprise grade products to clients. We have recently been appointed & pre-approved by IMDA to offer Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Sophos solutions to clients with up to 80% funding.

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